A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In Star Fighter, you can explore space, visit various solar systems, and collect Scrap. Try to survive as long as you can while upgrading your ship! 

Here are the controls for the game:

You can consider the game "won" once you've fully upgraded your ship and killed a few of the bigger enemies (there are 4 types). These bigger enemies only spawn after you've bought at least one upgrade. Upgrades are purchased by visiting a solar system and spending scraps from enemies. Exiting the shop menu will heal you and destroy the system.

Other controls: To use the shop, click on an item you wish to buy, and then click on what slot you want to place it in. You can also click on items you own to sell them for some extra scraps. While listed, most people don't realize you can also use < and > to rotate the guns, and its a lot easier than Q and E.

Few known bugs: When entering a shop, you might be charged again for your last purchase, so don't shop excessively. Very very rare, but you may become unable to shoot, in which case please restart.

This is a reupload for the artist's portfolio. If you'd like to see the original upload by the programmer William Pope, please click here!


StarFighter_Windows.zip 16 MB
StarFighter_Mac.zip 20 MB

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